Where to download example network?


Hello All,

            I'm a grad student from India working on a water network project. It'll be very much helpful if anyone can through me a light on where to get a sample network layout of real water distribution mains preferably containing less than 20 tanks with valves and less number of loops. I couldn't use the Hanoi network which is too simple or D-Town for instance which is too large for my study.  Any open source platforms to obtain a network is more useful.


The University of Exeter has a collection of standard networks here http://emps.exeter.ac.uk/engineering/research/cws/resources/benchmarks/


@Kiwiwater, you can check here: EPANET-Benchmarks


@kobusvanzyl @Mariosmsk Thanks for your quick responses. I’d a look into Exeter’s benchmark networks. However, what I’m looking for is real-world TRANSMISSION networks only. A reservoir supplying water to multiple tanks with valves to control flow to them. I’m not considering the distribution aspects of networks. Is there any other source where I can find relevant data?


Have a look at the Richmond skeleton network on the Exeter site. Don’t know where you can find a transmission system though.


@Kiwiwater, you can check here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1k8oPfqD2nFtrpQU3i986Afl5COXeHOMX